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About Us


Dwayne Gordon is a Licensed Marriage Officer in the Province of Ontario. He is a Chaplain, Certified Marriage Counsellor (CMC) and a Certified Grief Counsellor (CGC). He holds a Master’s of Art Degree in Counselling Psychology along with other notable credentials. He is an Ordained Bishop, a credential conferred on him within the religious arena.

Dwayne Gordon (Rev.) JP, MACP, B.Th., CMC, CGC

Creating Memories

Nothing means more to me than your wedding ceremony being executed the very way you imagine and intend it to be. Let me congratulate you for the decision towards marriage and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity that you will entrust upon me to be a part of this memorable day of your lives.

Offering Wholeness

I believe that every human being has a desire to function at a level that will enable them to positively accomplish their life goals. Accomplishing your goals are at times met with great indecision, which leads to an impasse. My goal as your counsellor is to help you rise above your struggles so that you can accomplish that which you envision for your life. Wholeness is everyone’s right and we will strive together in a therapeutic relationship to make that your reality.