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Cancellation, No-show & Late for Appoint Policies
While it is our pleasure to offer efficient service to our clients, we want them to be cognizant that they have certain responsibilities that come with booking an appointment with us. These responsibilities include cancellations, no-show and being late for appointments.


Clients are asked to notify the company no later than 24 hours before their appointment. This is required because the time that was booked will be reserved only for that client and will directly affect other bookings for that date and time.

A cancellation made within 24 hours of your appointment is none refundable. However, if there is a cancellation made before the 24 hour period of the appointment there will be no loss to the client. Arrangements will be made between client and therapist to facilitate a future date and time for therapy.


Late for Appointment & No-Show
If a client does not show up for a counselling session all fees paid are none refundable. However, if a client indicates that he/she will be late for a counselling session the therapist will start the session at their arrival. 

Therapy will begin on arrival, proceed within the time frame that is left and conclude at the time scheduled. This will be treated as a full counselling session. There will be no extension of time due to other obligations your therapist might have. 


DLNDWAC Inc. reserves the right to respond to the client based on these rules once our service for therapy has been engaged.